The Martial Art for Life  

The Martial Art for Life in Christchurch is Choi Kwang Do, based on biomechanics & science and endorsed by Medical Doctors.The Martial Art for Life.

Welcome to Choi Kwang Do - " The Martial Art 4 Life ". Choi Kwang Do is a Practical Self defence Martial Art program based on biomechanics and optimum health. A non contact style that exercises the Brain and the Body for a complete workout and you do not wear your body or brain out! An amazing program endorsed by Medical Doctors, PLUS YOU LEARN PRACTICAL SELF DEFENCE & LIFE SKILLS.

Not all Martial Arts or Karate/Judo programs are aggressive & harmful to our health. Choi Kwang Do practitioners punch & kick fast and with lots of power but we do not damage the body, instead we improve and enhance our health!
All our Instructors are fully qualified and aim to be champions at teaching to bring the best out in each and every student. Do our best never give up is one of ourprinciples .

Choi Kwang Do is suitable for all ages from 5. Families are welcome too!


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Address 96 Bristol St
Merivale Christchurch
Phone 0800 581481
Mobile 021 581481
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Opening hours

5.00 - 7.00

5.00 - 7.00

Classes for all ages